16 August 2023
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Seed Club Ventures is a Venture DAO backing early-stage founders building at the intersection of web3 and community. With a membership of 60+ leading innovators and investors in crypto, we are diverse in our ability to support projects throughout their life cycle. Launched in partnership with Seed Club — the leading network for builders at the intersection of crypto, culture, and community — our mission is to build a community-owned internet.

NEW POST: Building a World of Internet-Native Organizations

Introducing Seed Club Ventures

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🤝 View More People & Projects 🤝

Seed ClubSCV SeedlingSeed Club Ventures

Seed Club Ventures leverages Seed Club's growing network of alumni and collaborators to offer portfolio projects insights on the problems facing communities and DAOs, product guidance, partnership advice, and user acquisition strategy.

Guild XYZ

Automated membership management for the platforms your community already uses. https://guild.xyz/ or join the discord at https://discord.gg/guildxyz

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